SENIOR MOVIES/GRADUATION DAY – APRIL 18 (Baby Pictures)


What are the guidelines? The yearbook and composite picture needs to be full vertical head and shoulder shot.  The head should not be tilted nor should any of the head be cropped.  Indoor or outdoor photos are fine.  Formal or causal pictures are fine.  No hands in the face or hats or other props please.  Color or black and white is fine, but color does show up best in the composite, movie and yearbook.  The reason for all of the guidelines is to make a yearbook and composite that work visually.  These guidelines allow for the eyes to line up and to have the heads be approximately the same size which is important for both the yearbook and the composite.  I try to keep things pretty wide open for the movie and for when the students walk across the stage to get their diploma.


What format do you want the picture in and who do we send/give it to?

A hard copy of the picture can be given to me or a computer image (jpeg) can be emailed to me at The computer image is usually clearer than the one I will scan from a hard copy.  We will provide specific file sizes for you to share with your photographer to ensure the best results for the yearbook, wall and movie.  Pictures taken with new higher end phones may work.


Do I have to have a senior picture taken:  No.  A student does not need to appear in the yearbook, composite, movie or a have a picture as they walk across the stage.  Any student that has a financial issue but still wants a senior picture should visit with a principal or their counselor and arrangements can be made to have a picture taken.  We do not want any student not to have a picture appear in these items because of financial difficulties.   Students that do not have a picture to submit will have their junior year picture used for the composite and the yearbook.  All students appear may appear in the yearbook with their class only those students that graduate with their class in December or May will appear in the composite.


Why so many different deadlines:  The yearbook has production deadlines to meet and need to have the student photo pages in before Christmas break.  I make the movies and need some time to finish that project in time for graduation.  The pictures for the composite are not sent in until after graduation because only students that graduate with their class are included in the composite.


Can one picture be used for all three?  Yes, but in the past some students have a favorite picture that they want to use but it does not meet the parameters for the yearbook or the composite so they ask to have it in the movie.


Why a freshmen and a baby picture? I make two movies for your class for graduation as a gift.  The first movie is shown at Baccalaureate.  The second movie is shown immediately prior to the graduation ceremony.  I like to include one baby picture of each student for the first movie and a freshmen picture next to your senior picture in the second movie.  The first movie follows your class from pre-school through high school so if you have group/team shots that you would like to include send them to me and I will scan them and return them to you.  I will only use pictures of groups of students because individual shots of over 230 students would make for a really long movie.  The second movie is only the high school years and focuses heavily on the senior year.  I place each seniors’ freshmen picture next to a senior picture.  If you went to BVHS as a freshmen I should already have your  freshmen picture.  I will have many good pictures of your class already from the yearbook staff, coaches/directors, computer teachers and Jill at the Challenger, but if you have some group shots from the last four years you would like to share, please feel free to email them to me or let me borrow a hard copy that I can scan.


Below are some examples of some pictures that were sent in.  I have used these to demonstrate what will and will not work and why. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 582-3211 or email me at


We want to let seniors express themselves so we try to give them great latitude with the pictures they use when they cross the stage and the class movie but the yearbook and composite really would look odd without some guidelines.




Andersen-Deville, Alex


Lusk, Abby Stage


This one will work for all three projects. (Traditional)


This one will work for all three projects. (Outdoors)


This one will work for the movie and graduation stage but the face will be hard to see.  If I attempt to crop it and blow it up it will get blurry


This one will work only for the movie and graduation stage.  It is horizontal and would need to be cropped.


This one can be used for the movie and stage but will not work for the yearbook or the composite because the head is cropped and there are hands in the face